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our High Quality Soils & Mulches

Our soils are mixed on-site at earth sense garden center in Washburn, WI. We go above and beyond to guarantee that you receive only the best quality soils and mulches for your project. we take pride in helping our local community with high-quality certified organic soils. When the community thrives, so do we. order your soil and mulch today and get your summer yard season off to a fresh start!

Deal Of The Week

Grab the best offer available today before it is gone. We have a huge selection of quality soils and mulches. Save some cash and get our Organic Compost Manure delivered while it’s still available!

Organic Compost Manure

Add a touch of nutrient-rich Organic Compost Manure into your lawn or garden with our beautiful supply of soil.
$95.00yd $80.00yd


High Quality Soils

Organic Mulches

Organic Garden Blend

$ 85/yd

Organic Leaf Compost

$ 80/yd

Organic Screened Top Soil

$ 45/yd

Barn Red Shredded Pine Mulch

$ 45/yd

White Cedar Shredded Mulch

$ 55/yd

Chocolate Shredded Pine Mulch

$ 45/yd

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*There are 27 cubic feet in one yard. A typical 8′ pickup truck box holds roughly one yard of material.

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