Barn Red Shredded Pine Mulch


Our Barn Red shredded pine mulch tends to blend the benefits of oak and hardwood mulch, in that it is a good moisture retention option while also decomposing more quickly. Because of the decomposition process, pine needs to be replaced more quickly, but it also helps to build up the soil quality over time.

With the right preparation, gardening can be a fun pastime that doesn’t require too much upkeep or weeding. Whichever type you feel is best for your garden, buying mulch is generally a vital part of keeping and maintaining a garden.


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Beneficial to Plants

Color-enhanced mulches provide many of the same benefits as regular bark mulches. They allow rainwater to get to the soil below while helping to prevent water loss due to evaporation during dry weather. In addition, color-enhanced mulches deter weed growth and benefit the plants' root system by helping to maintain a moderate soil temperature.

Long Lasting Color

The biggest selling point of our mulch is the color holding capability. Mulches don't just look great when they are spread in the Spring, they hold their vivid, eye-catching color from Spring to Fall.

Looks Great!

Our colored mulches look great along the house or under the trees. Mulch takes on a robust, colorful appearance that improves the visual appeal of the entire area by adding consistently colored, contrasting, or complementing shades of ground cover.

Safe for Children & Pets

Our mulches are safe for all uses around any home. Independent lab tests have confirmed that color-enhanced mulches present no more concern for children or pets than regular mulches.

Application Tips

For maximum benefits please follow these guidelines:

Dump Mulch Onto a Tarp
Wet Surface Before &After
Avoid Rainy Days
Wear Old Clothing
Turn Mulch Over Once Per Seson


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